About Us

CITE was established to address the acute shortage of IT, Engineering and Management professionals in Nepal and abroad. The College is guided by values that place the students at the centre of the learning experience and inculcate high professional standards of quality and discipline among them.  It  strives  to  provide  its  students  with intellectual insights and technical knowledge and skills to step into the new millennium  to benefit  from  the unprecedented growth of  the multi-dimensional  industry, economy and  the world.

At CITE, you'll be challenged to acquire new skills. You'll study emerging theory and learn about new discoveries and technologies. You'll work with highly qualified, accessible faculty with real – world experience and have opportunities to find mentors who will make your success a top priority.

Information Technology

 In the dynamic world of Information Technology (IT), computer technology, telecommunications and multimedia are pivotal to the IT revolution and are closely aligned to one another. IT professionals who can make a difference are keenly sought after by all types of leading organizations throughout the word.  Hundreds of thousands of job openings are created each year.  Increasingly, however, few qualified candidates are available to fill them.  There are, thus, unlimited prospects for a career in the field of Information Technology.
Engineering Prospects

Engineering education at CITE is a good preparation for a wide range of careers, and many of our country's leaders received and engineering education.  More  specifically,  Electronics  and  Communication  and Computer  Engineering  graduates  can  look  forward  to  no  less  than bright and challenging careers in research, design and development, manufacturing,  Marketing,  management,  and  other  exiting  fields. Apart from commercial and government organizations, graduates of the  Department  are  also  highly  sought  after  by  high  technology companies  in  the  following  sectors:  Communications:  Wireless products  including  mobile  phones,  pagers,  etc.  Computers:  for peripherals, embedded systems, information appliances, etc. Electronics:  for consumers, automotive industry, defense, etc. Internet: for applications development, Internet communications, etc. Multimedia:  for development for video games, entertainment, education, etc.  Semiconductors:  for IC design, wafer fabrication, assembly & test, etc. software:  for development of engineering, design automation, commerce, etc.

Management Prospects

Today's successful business leaders need the ability to adapt business strategies in a volatile and fiercely competitive global marketplace. CITE offers a wide range of advanced management skills and expertise to help compete in the present world.